Is It Anything or Is It Everything?

by Baby Bry Bry

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released October 8, 2013

ODESSA MADRE Records (OM 002)

1. Hear, My Dear
2. Proof
3. Is It Anything or Is It Everything?
4. Comfortable Instead
5. You Say You Don't Love Me (by The Buzzcocks)

All songs written and arranged by Baby Bry Bry, except "You Say You Don't Love Me" written by Pete Shelley
All songs performed by Baby Bry Bry and His Friends

Baby Bry Bry - Vocals / Guitar / Keys / Production

His Friends:
Nicholas "Breezy" Anway - Drums (2,4) / Guitar (5)
"Red" Ted Collins - Upright Bass (3)
Nicholas "Fancy Feet" DePrey - Bass (2,4)
Parabellum - Rhymes / Backing Vocals (1)

Recorded and mixed by Baby Bry Bry at The Cowardly Abode and The Alamo in Washington, DC
Additional mixing by Devin O'Brien (5) and Mike Okusami (1)

Design by Andrea Hsieh / Photo by Baby Bry Bry


all rights reserved


Track Name: Hear, My Dear (Feat. Parabellum)
Everyone knows what you're talking about
If you say what they want to hear
But nobody seems to get it
When you tell 'em how you really feel
I'm sorry it got a little crazy
I'm sorry if I drove you mad
Even though it came from a good place
Know it messed up everything we had

And though you refuse
The inspiration of my heart is you
Flashbacks to when we first met
My thoughts review
How can I do without your presence?
My heart is removed
In the absence of your affection
I just feel sorta nude
I'm prayin' for your return
'Til my heart is renewed
I can smell the depression on me
As I run from the fumes
But it's the fear of the truth
That's got my vision all skewed
Cuz I can only see as far
As my feelings for you
I sharpened my battle axe
Chopped my way through
Working my way toward a treasure
I just knew I could prove
I was special enough to keep
If I paid all my dues
Chasing the answer to a question
That you already knew
I pushed my efforts to the limit
Though my winnings were few
Cuz the future you seein'
Ain't including me in the view
Which shall I choose?
Give up and let the pain be subdued
Or pursue the love of another
Though my heart I might lose

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